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Apple Reacts to Healthkit Privacy Concerns

In the wake of Apple’s announcement about it’s new Healthkit, I offered some commentary on the initiative, and expressed some skepticism about Apple’s assurances that it was not interested in our health data, but just wanted to collect it, and make it available to health app developers.  The bottom line is …

Health Systems Getting “Creative” with Big Data

We need to digitize health data to improve outcomes. We need to get the data from EMRs into the hands of researchers in order to tackle obstinate diseases. We have heard all of these before – altruism rules, perhaps, when we think about a potential cure for cancer.  “Sure, digitize …

Don’t Look Back

March 31 is the deadline for most Americans to ensure that they have enrolled in a qualifying health insurance program or else face penalties when they file their income taxes, and in many ways this is the most concrete of the deadlines imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care …

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